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List of Github cli commands

Github cli commands

A list of Github cli commands

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Alt Github cli


Description Command
Initialize a Github repository [default private] gh repo create <name>
Initialize a Github public repository gh repo create <name> --public
Create a local copy of a remote repository gh repo clone <repository-name> or
gh repo clone<username>/<repository-name>
Create a fork for the current repository gh repo fork

Pull requests

Description Command
Check status gh pr status
Create a pull request gh pr create
Quickly navigate to the pull request creation page gh pr create --web
list of open pull requests gh pr list
View a pull request gh pr view


Description Command
Create a new issue gh issue create
Create an issue using flags gh issue create --title "Issue title"
list of open issues gh issue list
list of closed issues gh issue list --state closed
Show status of relevant issues gh issue status
View an issue gh issue view {<number> / <url>}


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Aakash Yadav

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Sankalp Kotewar

No provision to commit and push code?