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Introducing Xamarin.Forms Fiddle

Xamarin.Forms app in JavaScript

With Web Atoms, you can create Xamarin.Forms apps in JavaScript. You can write JSX instead of Xaml and that gives you powerful multibinding and allows you to push code on production.

  1. Side by side versioning
  2. Divide large app in multiple javascript npm packages
  3. No need to create multiple apps and integrate all of them
  4. Debug JavaScript in Chrome using V8 Inspector protocol for Android
  5. Debug JavaScript in Safari debugger for iOS

Download the App

Trying and playing with Xamarin.Forms in JavaScript is one step process, download the app.

App Store

Play Store

Open Demo


Explore new feature "Shapes" of Xamarin.Forms 4.7.

Master Detail

Application with drawer and multiple pages, using navigation service to open pages, retrieve result and load unpacked pages.

List View

Explore list view with Cell bindings. Using two way binding to update the selection.


Explore validation sample with simple form.

Tabbed Page

Explore tabbed pages.

Scan QR Code

Scan and Play

Console Logging

You can see console of your device and you can log errors/warnings in the console in your code.

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