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Weavrs n' Makrs @Hacktoberfest 2020

Hacktoberfest™️, a celebration of and for the open source software community, is one of the most popular and far-reaching activities in the open source world.

At Weavr, we acknowledge the ways we’ve benefited from free and open source software. As members of a community, we believe it’s important that we contribute value in equal or greater amounts than what we extract. Luckily, Hacktoberfest gives everyone an opportunity to contribute.

In 2020, Weavr team is committed to make a meaningful contribution to the health of the global open source community.

We’re kick starting this new initiative -- Weavrs n' Makrs -- officially on this Hacktoberfest on October 30th, 2020, which will continue to evolve in the coming months.

We aim to create an especially welcoming and supportive environment for people to learn about open source, discover some super awesome open source projects, and begin mapping their path to their first contribution(s) -- and not just by code but via adding the most relevant content for the code.

Weavrs n’ Makers is designed to be accessible and inclusive to folks of all levels of skill and interest.

  1. Open Source Maintainers
  2. Technology Creators
  3. Developer Relations
  4. Tech Content Writers

Participants in Weavrs n’ Makers are invited to sign up for a Weavr account (free) and create Weavr Boards or contribute to others’ Boards) like this one from Okteto "Kubernetes for Developers".

We will start listing the recommended Boards on -Hacktoberfest Page on the day of the event and in subsequent weeks/months.
For this community initiative, feedback, questions and/or recommendations are truly appreciated. Please send a note to

About Weavr Boards:
Weavr Boards makes it fun to discover tech knowledge from publicly available resources from the internet; curate the most relevant, respectable information; and create a “Board” from which others can build their knowledge about technology topics -- from general topics like “open source software,” to topics specific to open source projects like “Project Drawdown”

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