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Knowledge curation and sharing made easy through Weavr Boards and RSS Feeds

Don't want to sign up for a million email newsletters? Here's an easy way to stay up to date on content from all your favorite blogs.

Weavr Boards lets you curate and organize content from various external sources into one place.

Now you can also attach an RSS Feed to a board, that will pin any new content from that feed to your board.

You can choose to make your board Private or Public so others can also follow it.

Create a Weavr Board

Once your board is created, you can edit the Board settings to include one or more RSS feeds for it to track.

Edit your board settings to add one or more RSS Feeds

Things you can do with the content in your board.

  1. Share selected posts in your Slack channel
  2. Create an email newsletter
  3. Get the markdown content for the board that you can add to Github Repository
  4. You can also add one or more Call to Actions on your board

Share your Weavr Boards content

Check out and follow Ringcentral's developer content created using the above RSS feeds feature.

RingCentral Developer Blogs

Sign up on today to create your own Weavr Board.

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