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36 companies hiring globally

I often wasted time applying to "remote" jobs just to find out they were "US only", "East Coast only", "Europe only", etc.

It was kinda hard to find companies that hire globally. So, I've created a list to compile them all. I'm adding the initial list below but you can keep contribute to it on GitHub:

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A list of companies hiring globally.

Global Hiring

Have you ever spent a lot of time applying for a remote job just to find out the company you're applying to doesn't hire in your country This happened to me. That's why I've decided to create a list of companies hiring globally.

My goal here is to group companies with a global hiring policy. This means: Companies that don't have restrictions on where you can live Companies hiring US only, East Coast only, Europe only, etc. shouldn't be included here.

Some context: There are lots of lists for remote companies. @yanirs has this awesome established remote companies list, for example. We also have websites such as RemoteOK and FindAsync where we can find remote jobs. However, many remote companies don't hire globally.

Contributions are welcome.

Why hiring globally?

Some of the benefits include (feel free to improve this list):

  • Access to a larger talent pool: When…

The list

Company Business/products Languages Open Salary
37 Signals Productivity tools Ruby Yes
AcceleratorApp Incubators, accelerators TypeScript No
Airbase FinTech Python, JavaScript No
Almanac Collaboration tools Ruby, JavaScript No
Automattic Open-source tools PHP, JavaScript No
Buffer Social media tools PHP, JavaScript Yes
Cal Scheduling infrastructure TypeScript Yes
Deepgram Speech recognition Python Yes
Deno Developer Tools / PaaS Rust, TypeScript, WASM No
designstripe Design tools TypeScript, Python No
Doist Productivity Python, TypeScript No
Empower FinTech C#, Kotlin, Swift No Cloud hosting Rust, Go, Ruby, Elixir Yes
Forem Blogging platform Ruby, JavaScript Yes
Ghost Blogging platform JavaScript No
Giant Swarm Cloud No
Gumroad Platform for creators Ruby, JavaScript Yes
Invisible Operations as a Service Python, Typescript Yes
Iterative Machine learning Python, TypeScript Yes
Migaku Language learning JavaScript Yes
OpenCraft E-learning Python, JavaScript No
Ox Coversation coach Python, TypeScript No
Pitch Presentation tools TypeScript No
Protocol Labs Web3 JavaScript, Python, Go, Rust Yes
Proxify Hiring/vetting developers Java, Golang Yes
Remote Global hiring and payroll Elixir, TypeScript No
rtCamp WordPress projects PHP, JavaScript No
SafetyWing Insurance for nomads Java, Kotlin, JavaScript No
Service Bell Live chat Python, TypeScript No
Spruce Identity control JavaScript No
Standard Bots Robotics C++, TypeScript No
Sticker Mule E-commerce Golang, JavaScript Yes
Unsplash Stock photos Ruby No
Xapo Bank Banking, crypto Python, Kotlin No
Wikimedia Non-profit PHP, Python, Go No
Zapier Automation tools Python, JavaScript Yes

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