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A simple yet powerful virtual office for slack

Hey there, my name is Tiago and I am working on a platform that allows to create a virtual office in seconds...

Indie Offices is a platform that allows any slack based team or community to create a virtual office in seconds.

How does it works?

The concept is very simple, when you tap on Open The Door it asks you to login with slack and creates 2 virtual rooms that are always open and anyone can join at any time. You don't need to actively create a room every time you want to meet someone.

The idea is to motivate a more spontaneous vibe just like in an office where you work and chill together.

How others know I joined?

Indie Offices have a great integration with slack. Whenever you join a virtual room your slack status will be updated. For example , if I join the work room, a little lap top be appended to my slack username.

Besides you can send a message to the virtual-office channel (created by the tool) letting the others know that you have joined.

Why is it better than other solutions?

The reason why I built it like this is because is simple and easy to setup. Many other solutions coffee also an avatar that you can use to walk around, but in reality is not very practical.

Next steps

I am reaching out to remote companies to convince them to try it out and my goal is to help everyone to be more connected.

If you have a slack channel you can try it for free in Indie Offices

Let me know what you think

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