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A day in an entrepreneurs meta co-working space

Hey there, my name is Tiago and I am the founder of the WBE Space, a virtual co-working space where Bootstrappers and Entrepreneurs work in their side/full-time projects with a team of like-minded people.

I have been a member of multiple communities, but this one seems to be a bit different... But I am also a little bit biased

So I will describe a day, as a member of the WBE Space and you can help me decide...

What am I doing today?

The first thing I do when I first open the WBE slack channel is to go to the #what-i-am-doing-today channel and check out what the others are up to and answer them in case I have insights or questions.
After that, I write my own plan for the day...

Working Room

When I have a task to do that requires full focus I jump into the workroom and let the others know I am starting a work session. Often other entrepreneurs join me and we start a Pomodoro timer and work at full focus until it rings... After that, we have a small chat and repeat the process.

If we just want to chill we often have a chat in our virtual coffee corner room.


Most of our members are always cooking new ideas and it is very common for them to use the #feedback channel to ask for an external opinion and advice.

Random Coffee

Every week we are matched with a member of the space for a coffee. This week I had a lovely chat with @MaxwellDavis and I am looking forward to my next random coffee.

My Role

As the host is to make sure that everyone feels welcome and to support the community with tools and events to help each member succeed and achieve their goals! But sometimes I just forget about my role and just enjoy being another member and part of the team!

Would you like to join us?

Check more info here:

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