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Discussion on: VSCode vs Vim

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Stephen O'Brien

They are both great. Used vscode mainly for about a year and really liked it. Didn't have to do much to get it working for most languages!

But I started getting some back, shoulder and wrist issues around that time. Not because of vscode, but because of how I sat and used my keyboard and mouse.

So I totally changed my whole workflow and setup. Moved to vim (well neovim) and switched to a tiling window manager so I could reduce mouse usage.

I spent a lot of time tweaking my vim setup to get what I wanted for the different languages and tooling I need to use. It's made me much more productive for sure. Not really faster overall - coding is mainly thinking 😄 - just more comfortable in translating those thoughts to code than I was with any other setup before.

It's become kind of like a musical instrument 🤔 I don't have to think much about performing a certain action, my fingers just know and do it.