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#66daysofdata and the workload

Alex Maszański
I'm just a guy trying to find myself in data science, especially machine learning.
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For a long time one idea won’t leave me alone – the flashmob #66daysofdata on Twitter!

Unfortunately, now I am under pressure in my university :c But I’m eager to try it
Well, vacation at my university will be about two months – January & February. But there are only 59 days at these months! So, it means that in December I need to spend another 10 days on this challenge. According to my calculations, I’ll be able to do this from the 23rd of December (By the way, we’re take into account the Christmas holidays). I’m looking forward to Christmas’ coming, when my university semester ends. But in this month, in parallel with this, I want to complete the following things:

• Kaggle micro-courses: Python (

There are more amazing courses such as "Data Visualization" or "Intermediate/Intro to Machine Learning", but I want to take them when my challenge will start =)

• M4ML - Linear Algebra

Playlist on youtube link:

Course link:

Excellent & extreme super performance! At the beginning of this year I chose this specialisation, but after ending this I’d stopped my learning by reason of the workload at the university and my extra language courses :c I want to repeat some of this knowledges. My plans include repeating them on YouTube channel. Maybe I’ll redo some of the exercises in my Coursera account.

• Mathematics, and more mathematics! Although Russian is my native language it is easier for me to courses about it on English, like the ones I gave above (lol), for instance. Nevertheless, there are difficult topics, and I go through them by Reading the articles of this cool dude in Russian is more comfortable for me than watching videos in this language.

• It’s much better to make a small plan and overfill it then write a huge one, fail it, and feel frustrated after this. However, I can’t remind myself about interesting problem collections, such as, where the key to the solution is in a mix of mathematic and programming.
Also I want to notice this course about python: Tasks in it are quite complex, but at the same time interesting.

Well, I have presented to you my plan for the current month. Have fun!

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Edward Amor

Good luck on your journey! If you ever want to collaborate on a project shoot me a message.
Plus it's always beneficial to have a colleague or community to push you.

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Alex Maszański Author

Sure, I'll be very glad to find a like-minded person =)