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What are the challenges you encounter while learning computer programming?

Waren Gonzaga
I'm a person who wastes my time just to save your time!
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The challenges I encounter while learning computer programming is that I have no machine to start with I only use an android smartphone in learning programming. I browse websites for tutorial and watching videos. I even install some coding application to my first android phone so I can try what I learn. Eventually, that time I have enough knowledge to contribute to open source projects and one day, an employer wants to hire me at the age 18 years old to work as Junior Front End Developer.

When I get the job, I earn a decent amount of money to buy my first Laptop. When I get my Laptop that's the first time to continue the study in programming. Today, I have computers at home both laptop and desktop and still want to upgrade what I have.

I just wanna share my story to you guys! I start on a smaller screen into a bigger double computer monitor screen.

I wanna hear yours!

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