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Why Mountain Bike is the perfect sport for a Software Developer

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A bit about me

I've been in the professional software industry for over a decade now. I've worked in multiple areas of a software lifecycle, Quality Assurance, Java, Javascript Backend/Frontend, Team Lead, Cloud Engineer, and Architect.

The Software developer mindset

We all love the challenge behind the next puzzle or algorithm to implement, solving complex scenarios, and trying to predict the user's behavior into our applications. While learning the next Javascript framework can be exciting is also grueling nevertheless.

Having to expend 8 or 9 hours designing, planning, implementing, and monitoring software solutions can be quite demanding for your body, no matter how many times you switch your desk from sitting to standing.

A Balance

The moment you realize how idle and sedentary your life has become you might start to think about exercise but, which one to choose?

While cyclist, in general, brings many benefits to your body

  • Reduces chances of a heart disease
  • Increment muscle strength and flexibility
  • Burn more calories
  • Reduces the body fat
  • more ...

Mountain Biking (MTB) brings additional benefits if you are an individual that works all day solving complex scenarios within your head, you need something that allows you to free those thoughts.

Welcome MTB

In a healthy way, trust me when I tell you there is no better alternative to clean your mind than going downhill at 20 miles/hour on muddy or loose terrain, you have to focus all your senses on the task at hand, pick your line, control your bike, follow your companion, brake or let go.
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Going uphill you will be challenged by the fear, the pain, the feeling of giving up, but you are used to mental puzzles and knows

The mind is stronger than the body.

A Sunday epic 100 mile ride can be daunting but you are ready for it, plan your route, take it slow, one pedal at the time, one Jira task a day, take breaks, and split your workload into manageable sprints.

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The Community

Another key aspect of the programmer life is working in solitude and trying to do all by himself, mountain biking teaches you to trust your teammates. It's a community and when you are out there miles away from civilization you need to care for each other, you need to be able to rely on others to support you and share those little victories conquesting a short hill breaking your own limits.

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Pain is ephemeral, memories live forever

When your legs hurt because of the training, you can still sit relax at your office, home, or backyard, do your job and continue solving puzzles knowing...

Pain is ephemeral, memories live forever.

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Wellington Aquino
Lead Software Engineer / Architect / MTB enthusiast
LinkedIn / Strava

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zoedreams profile image

cheers! from a fellow biker and hiker. Have you experienced free climbing rocks or cliff faces? i was starting to get into this until 18 months ago when i got into a car accident and broke my left wrist. its almost healed now so i think i might try again. I can finally ride a bike again, your post makes me miss my bike so much.

waquino814 profile image
Wellington Author

Cheers! :) get better and take it slow, 1 pedal at the time, healing is a process. hope you get to ride soon

zoedreams profile image
☮️✝️☪️🕉☸️✡️☯️ • Edited on

i did, i took half of last year off and hiked the PCT from san diego to portland. lol i guess thats taking it easy. Honestly the ortho surgeon did an amazing job, and now i have a bionic left wrist. It took about a year to get used to the extra 1Kg. However i am still very hesitant on certain activities. Like riding bikes and sword play ( i fence), and playstation controllers. I know right. Typing is good now but my pinky and ring finger make it hard to play piano now and guitar. I have to relearn but i think that is a blessing because i love it.

thank you for your kind words. BTW I used to have the same bike but in white, and it was covered with MTA stickers. :) free from the subway. they love me. Alec baldwin bought it for his newphew or something who was staring at it from outside of the mcdonalds on 36th? and fashion for 3g. The stuff people buy lol. who does that.

renita_dan_256bbcb56c808d profile image
Renita Dan • Edited on

I like them both and also I have them both, and it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I just relax and take the electric one, but when I want to do sport I take the simple one. I use them daily as I don't have a car, and I have insurance for both of them. I have them from and what I like is that when they are saying full coverage it really means full coverage and also I have noticed that they have the most reasonable prices on the market.

vince_beri profile image
Vincent Berihuete

Lovely content Wellington!

wgarcia4190 profile image
Wilson Garcia

Great article!!! I couldn't agree more

vitale232 profile image
Andrew Vitale • Edited on

Couldn't agree more! Got the most reliable riding buddy around, too 😃 (there's supposed to be a pic of my dog here)

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

tswiftma profile image

Great post, MTB is my absolute favorite exercise for all the reasons you mention. The only exercise that comes close for me for using skill and speed is downhill skiing.