What are your goals as a developer?

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Earlier this year, I publicly committed to the #100DaysOfCode challenge on twitter. I discovered two things:

  • setting goals can really boost your productivity as a developer
  • publicly committing to them gives you some accountability and pushes you to deliver

I'm looking to set some long term goals now. I realised I'm being sidetracked by all the different technologies coming out and I really want to settle down and focus on one thing. I believe setting a definite goal will help me achieve that. I know goals are personal and unique, but I'm sure I can get some inspiration from someone.

What are your goals as a developer and why?


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What are your goals as a developer and why?

To become rich and famous, of course. ;-)


How do you plan to do that? ๐Ÿ˜…


If I knew how, I would already have done it!

Ok ๐Ÿ˜‚ . Maybe someone who already knows how to will come along in the comments. Let's wait and see

hahahaha we will see, or we can create a kind of opensource roadmap to get it done for all devs...


My goal is to be a passionate inspiring and creative developer that will be able to invent and innovate; also share and teach others in a way that they can be excited like I am about programming. Last but not least be a competent freelancer.


I want to learn more, and start a #100DaysOfCode challenge seems like a good idea. Also I want to be able to get a job as developer.


In the last 4yrs or so I had yearly career goals, so far it went better then I expected, I achieved all of them or pivoted mid-year.

The key was to set reachable goals, with "carrots" that I like. Mostly I did like @sam_ferree said here: dev.to/sam_ferree/comment/57jc

Why? To be better, handle bigger tasks, make more ppl happy, win the game.

I do Not set goals for periods longer than 1 year, life in general, but development in particular are too chaotic, or fast, whatever you choose. I have 3-5 yrs plans, but they can easily be destroyed or remade.


My "goal" 4 years ago: learn Unity3D and be a full time dev. Achieved that and I learned is not such a good thing, for my aspirations at least.

My next year goals: get at least 2 more cloud-related certifications (Docker, GCP, probably 3 with Java, less likely 4th with K8s), become a better mentor by helping a few more junior devs, read a dozens of papers and books, write at least 20 more articles ... and a few others related to OSS, writing a book and starting my Go career.


My goal is the carrot-on-a-stick kind - I strive to overcome my Imposter syndrome by learning more. The thing is - I know that I can never defeat my imposter sydrome that way as it is an integral part of being human and being in an industry that is so multi-faceted but at this point it's not really the point - it's just a good drive to keep getting better.


Hi you want to overcome you imposter syndrome by learning more ? hhuummm i don't really think it is a very good approach, even if you learn the whole web or the whole software industry knowledge, you will still feel as an imposter, you said:

I know that I can never defeat my imposter sydrome that way as it is an integral part of being human and being in an industry

so i think you can defeat it by doing another activity like teaching what you already know to others, it can be by blogging or whatever you want, but just try share you knowledge. I think it is the most good way to defeat this syndrome. It can be even by wotking on opensource projects with other folks. ;-)


My goal as a developer is to further improve my knowledge about web development and become a Senior and up developer. That helps in my personal goal, which is, of course, get rich and travel around the world. hahaha


I think we all want to get well known and earning more money. If we only code, with no creativity, we would always find ourselves coding other one's creatives.

Being more has been my struggle for a while.
Which now I think is more of an inborn talent rather to be adventidious.


My goals as a developer are to never stop learning, share knowledge with other aspiring developers, & Inspire ladies into the field


Build one of the most helpful companies for developers in the world.

Not 100% linked to being a developer but I will certainly use my skills at their fullest for that.


to fill my unfulfilled potentials and use my skills to help others, as simple as that tho :D