How do you list social media links on a website without using icons?

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I know the easiest way to list social media links is to use icons representing the respective platforms, but have you tried doing it without icons or seen it in the wild? Something more than just a plain list like :

I'm looking for styling inspiration.

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Not specifically social media links, but here are some nice text link hover animations on tympanus:


Awesome resource. The link effects are really nice. I'll definitely be using some of these in my projects. Thanks.


I immediately thought of CSS Tricks footer social links!
I hope it helps 😊


Yeah! I'd never noticed it. Looks awesome. Thanks 😀


Love theese kinds of questions. Alternatives for small things like that is what make some sites unique. I'm thinking about using emojis instead of icons. That would be... something.


Interesting 😄 I'm thinking something like:

🐦 - twitter
👨🏽‍💻 - github
💼 - linkedin

...right? 😅 Of course having the names show on hover or something...
It would be a bit harder for some users to get it but it's a really fun idea.


I've seen things like [tw] @username as a low level kind of icon


Why not use icons for social media links? The user recognizes the icons for FB/Twitter/IG/etc. and knows exactly what to expect so it seems like a best practice to me.


I agree that using icons is the best way. I just want to see other ways people have done it.

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