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Try to add new feature to a Java Spring boot project

After working on some bugs on Java Spring boot project E-commerce-project-springBoot, I wanna try to add a new feature for this open source project.

Now, most of the code are only work for admin, and when user login as customer, it doesn't work. So I tried to add the customer home page.

First, I learned some basic knowledge on tutorialspoint, I tried the quick start on it and learned the consuming RESTful Web services.

I also learned from the adminHome.jsp where I know the basic format of the jsp file, it is a text document that contains two types of text: static data, which can be expressed in any text-based format (such as HTML, SVG, WML, and XML), and JSP elements, which construct dynamic content. And in this project, the user uses html before, so I also used html and add the dynamic content. Because I want to show the customer name and all the products on the customer home. I learned the code from /admin/product where can show all the product.

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Later I found a good way to show all the product. I can use the forEach in my jsp file after I passed all the products in the function in UserController.

<!-- Container for Cards -->
<div class="container-fluid">
    <div class="row">
        <c:forEach var="product" items="${products}">
            <div class="col-sm-3 pt-4">
                <div class="card" style="background-color: white;">
                    <div class="card-body text-center">
                        <h4 class="card-title">${}</h4>
                        <img src="${product.image}" alt="${}" height="150px" width="150px">
                        <p class="card-text">Description: ${product.description}</p>
                        <p class="card-text">Price: $${product.price}</p>
                        <p class="card-text">Quantity: ${product.quantity}</p>
                        <p class="card-text">Weight: ${product.weight} lbs</p>
                        <a href="/admin/products/${}/edit" class="card-link btn btn-primary"> + Add </a>
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After checking the username, I rendered the new ModelAndView("userHome"), I got all the products by using productService.getProducts function. So I can pass the user and products list into my view and run it.

Additional, I change the route to loginValidate since it's more reasonable.

    @RequestMapping(value = "loginvalidate", method = RequestMethod.POST)
    public ModelAndView userlogin( @RequestParam("username") String username, @RequestParam("password") String pass) {
        User user = this.userService.checkLogin(username, pass);
        if(user.getUsername().equals(username)) {
            ModelAndView mView = new ModelAndView("userHome");
            mView.addObject("user", user);
            List<Product> products = this.productService.getProducts();
            if (products.isEmpty()) {
                mView.addObject("msg", "No products are available");
            } else {
                mView.addObject("products", products);
            return mView;
        }else {
            ModelAndView mView = new ModelAndView("userLogin");
            mView.addObject("msg", "Please enter correct email and password");
            return mView;
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After combining all of these work, I can run the userHome now!

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This is my first time to add a new feather for the java spring boot project. When I figured all of this out and made the user home page, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

I create the PR, but because I changed the master code already in the UserController , I got the branch has conflicts that must be resolved, and wait the author to review it.

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