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My first contribution to other open source project

After learning how to review and test other open source project last week, I made my first contribution to other open source project!

After deciding the open source project go-go-web,I decided to add markdown files processing, so I created an issue first, and then I began to write my code.

I totally did this in three steps, so I made three commits, which were "add version and revise README", "support md and parsing italic and bold" and "add test examples". In this process, I found it was hard for me to separate '*' and '**', so I learned regular express again and tried a new way to solve it.

At first I directly git clone the origin repo and created the branch, but when I git push my code, it threw "fatal: Authentication failed for '", I always thought it should be done like this before. So I read the lab1 again and found I should fork the project on GitHub, then clone my fork. Next, create a branch on it. This helps me learn how to contribute to other's open source project.

Katie carefully read and tested my code and found a bug I didn't notice before, which teaches me that I need do more tests every time.

Katie also added an feature for my project who wrote a private function convertLinks which can parse the markdown links with a powerful function.

After my PR merged, I went to close my issue, but I found it doesn't automatic link my PR, so I search the github doc and using "close" to solve it.

In this whole process, I made a real contribution to other's project, and found many knowledge I should learn and practise.

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