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Discussion on: 5 practices I follow to get into Flow State while coding

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Jameel Ur Rahman

Another way to let your teammates know is to decide on a signal that they can watch out for. In my current workplace, people wear a headset (whether or not they listen to music) to indicate they're busy and trying to do focused work.

It's worked out surprisingly well althogh it's not really a company wide culture as much as an understanding between team members.

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Ankit Anand ✨ Author

That's a cool signal 😁

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Dana Kashubeck

When we were all together in an office, that's exactly what we did. It was so easy to just lift your head and engage with someone on something in the moment. But if you saw they had their earbuds/headphones in, you squashed that and sent an email instead.

Personally, I try to use email for anything that isn't time-sensitive, as I get pinged in Slack so very much. Now when I go heads-down, I log out of Slack altogether and set my status to DND. But it is tough to get everyone to respect that.