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How did you embed the model as a cdn?


In this case the cdn is a feature of glitch. You upload assets into a project by clicking on 'assets' in the explorer on the left. You can drag any file type into there (you might need to compress your .ob file I used compress-or-die) and it will upload the file to glitch's cdn. If you click on the file, glitch will show you the url of the file. If you don't use glitch you should be able to use the path to your model.

Let me know whether you can find the stuff I'm talking about! Maybe I could help out by making a GIF, not gonna lie this feature isn't too intuitive 😅


a gif would be super helpful if you don't mind

So the thing is actually a little bit too big for a GIF so I made video instead.
I hope this helps, thanks for your patience!

Thanks alot... I managed to add more complex animations like Austin's site have a look:


I highly appreciate your input.

Super nice!! The morphs look really smooth, thanks for sharing your work 😁🔥💪🏽

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