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🔥How to become an SEO specialist in the coming 2022 #1

Hi, My name is Łukasz and it's my first post here 😇. I would like to share my knowledge of working as an SEO Specialist. In this post I will discuss the topic that I see such a person should have in 2022 to start work. The development of technology is progressing very quickly, which is why the requirements set for SEO specialists too.

1. Who is an SEO Specialist
2. Where can we work as an SEO Specialist
3. What skills should an SEO Specialist have
4. Everyday tasks in the SEO industry

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Who is an SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is a person who works with the optimization and marketing of a website in order to achieve higher search engine rankings (commonly referred to as a website positioner).
The word SEO specialist is not related to just one kind of job.

The SEO industry is extremely broad 📏- apart from several career levels of an SEO Specialist, we also distinguish positions that include people dealing with content marketing, copywriting, linkbuilding or customer contact. So we can list jobs: SEO Analyst, SEO Specialist, SEO Consultant, SEO Technician, SEO Manager, SEO Trainer, SEO Director, and the position of SEO Specialist can be divided into career paths - Junior SEO Specialist, SEO Specialist, Senior SEO Specialist. Head of SEO, SEO Team Leader, Full Stack SEO, Full Stack SEO Expert or Full Stack SEO Developer 💰

Where we can work as an SEO Specialist.
Working as an SEO Specialist, we can work in an internet agency, in-house or as a freelancer.

The great advantage of working in an SEO agency is the variety of projects and the exchange of experiences based on various case-studies.

Working in-house, we usually constitute a one-person department whose task is to support the management board and the marketing department in the effective promotion of the company's offer. On the other hand, however, when working for one brand, we have much more time to get to know it, maximize its promotion and the freedom to experiment with new solutions.

When working as a freelancer, we certainly have the greatest freedom in our actions, we choose our clients and organize our working day. Soft skills, good communication and, above all, very good organization of work and self-discipline are very useful here. This type of work also does not require daily contact with clients or colleagues.

What skills should an SEO specialist have
In my opinion, a good SEO specialist should have some of the features:

  • Technical SEO skills
  • ON-site SEO skills
  • OFF-site SEO skills
  • Data analysis skills
  • Project management skills
  • Web development skills
  • Communication skills

In fact, the best SEO specialists are people who are proficient in many different areas of digital marketing. This includes basic SEO skills, but also digital marketing skills such as copywriting and website design. At the beginning of your career as an SEO Specialist, you should definitely start with gaining knowledge about the secrets of SEO, positioning and website optimization. On the Internet you will find hundreds of interesting courses, both for beginners and more advanced people.

While theoretical knowledge is not the most important for an SEO specialist, it does provide important preparation at the beginning of your career.

On the theoretical level, an SEO specialist should know the basics of computer and network operation, know the basics of creating a website and be fluent in tools such as Excel or Docs. In addition, it is advisable for an SEO specialist to have a basic understanding of web technologies. It is difficult to list all the skills that a good specialist should have, but I will try to specify the appropriate elements according to the experience. You can read more about SEO on the website:

Skills at the Junior SEO Specialist level:

  • Computer skills and network
  • What is a website,Pagerank, proxy server, structural data
  • What are the URL parameters in the Google search engine
  • What is Hosting, Domain
  • FTP client (what is FTP, Scure FTP)
  • Internet browsers
  • Server's responses and be able to analyze and verify them,
  • Google penalties for violating the guidelines and know the differences between them,
  • Important updates of the Google
  • Google's ranking factors (the most important ones) and search engine guidelines
  • How it all works keywords in the search engine,
  • Google courses (GAIQ, Ads)
  • Office suite - Excel, Docs
  • Content marketing
  • On-page SEO
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (Basic)
  • Google Analytics (Basic)
  • Google Tag Manager (Basic)
  • Google My Business
  • SEO tools support
  • Navigating the most popular CMSs, eg Wordpress
  • The ability to speed up page loading, reduce the weight of photos, how the browser cache works, what is css sprite, interpret the results provided by these tools -keyword analysis using of free and paid tools

Skills at the Senior SEO Specialist level:

  • Making marketing strategy
  • ON-page SEO (advanced)
  • OFF-page SEO - Linkbuilding (advanced)
  • HTML
  • CSS / SASS
  • RWD
  • JavaScript
  • CORS
  • API
  • Knowledge of frameworks (AngularJS, Backbone, Bootstrap, -Foundation and Vue.js)
  • Accessibility
  • RegExp
  • PHP
  • Python
  • NPM / YARN
  • Github
  • UX and UI
  • Google Ads
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Navigate through popular CMS sites and stores.
  • Keyword analysis
  • Conducting trainings

Everyday tasks in the SEO industry
The most popular tasks in the daily work of a specialist:

  • keyword analysis
  • creating SEO audits
  • contact with developers
  • preparation of work reports
  • creating a campaign strategy
  • contact with the customer
  • implementation of audit changes
  • marketing of the company I work for (e.g. I run a blog)
  • linkbuilding
  • supervision over copywriters
  • creating editorial recommendations
  • conducting internal training
  • creating offers for customers
  • team management
  • obtaining links (I run the entire process)
  • creating a back-end
  • conducting trainings for clients
  • writing SEO texts

Becoming an SEO specialist may seem difficult in part, and it takes a lot of work, time and effort, but if you follow the plan and gradually develop your skills, it's something anyone can do.
Working in the SEO industry is both rewarding and creative.
It is also one of the jobs that is in demand as more and more companies are investing in online marketing ( and the pandemic has shown how important the e-commers segment is ). The most important thing in working with SEO is to be patient. SEO is a very slow process, so if you are a beginner it will take a while to learn the theory and a lot more time to gain hands-on experience.

Start today ❗️❗️ 🤓

In my next posts, I will say something more about individual skills.

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michaelcurrin profile image

Try adding spaces to make your lists in to Markdown lists

- Navigating the most popular CMSs, e.g. Wordpress
- The ability to speed up page loading, reduce the weight of photos, how the browser cache works, what is css sprite, interpret the results provided by these tools
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See difference between

-Navigating the most popular CMSs, eg Wordpress
-The ability to speed up page loading, reduce the weight of photos, how the browser cache works, what is css sprite, interpret the results provided by these tools


  • Navigating the most popular CMSs, eg Wordpress
  • The ability to speed up page loading, reduce the weight of photos, how the browser cache works, what is css sprite, interpret the results provided by these tools
rammina profile image

Do you know about the difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks?

bhavyashah profile image

Dofollow backlinks or dofollow links are links that search engines like google take into consideration when giving you page authority (PA) and page rank (PR). Nofollow backlinks are links that search engines don't follow when giving you page authority (PA) and page rank (PR).

DoFollow Backlinks do help you boost rankings, but it's 80% depend on your content and 20% on the backlinks.

If you want to read how to create high quality backlinks then read out from here

rammina profile image

Thank you for answering my question!

niyazpoyilan profile image
Niyaz Poyilan

No Follow links like mentioned by @bhavyashah do not improve your ranking or authority but it could help bring the Traffic if it is placed on relevant online spaces

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Charlene Strain

This is very helpful, thanks for sharing!