Azure App slots - (Making releases seamless)

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Hello! So I was going through a talk I gave late 2017 about Continous delivery using Azure App slots, presentation link => https://speakerdeck.com/walecloud/continuous-delivery-microsoft-azure-app-slots.

I will be highlighting the steps needed to create an application in Azure using the APP Service, deploying varying versions with App slots.

Disclaimer: Some things have probably changed since then so thread with caution;

Step 1: Create the project source

create your code repository

Step 2: Create a web app in Azure

Alt Text

Step 3: Config Azure web App

Alt Text

Step 4: Choose source code repo for deployment

Alt Text

Alt Text

Step 5: Create a feature branch in source code

Alt Text

Step 6: Add app slot

Alt Text

Step 7: deploy a new app feature

Alt Text

Step 8: Swap slots for new feature added

Alt Text

Alt Text

Well, I hope it helps someone deploying with Azure.

Link to the actual work that inspired this => https://speakerdeck.com/walecloud/continuous-delivery-microsoft-azure-app-slots

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