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5 Ways To Quickly Grow Your Dev Blog

#1 Post On Your Own Domain

Sites like are fantastic for reposting your content, or growing a second follower base. If you really want to own your own content however, you should be posting it first on your own site.

Don't worry about getting published for duplicate content by search engines, just set the canonical URL back to your own site.

#2 Guest Post

Find other developers who write about similar content and offer to post content on their site. This exposes your content to new readers and helps you gain more followers and backlinks.

For example, we are currently looking for more guest-posters over on Qvault! Submit an article or two and we'll get back to you as quick as we can!

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#3 Engage With Your Audience - Fix Mistakes

When people comment or reach out about your articles, be sure to engage with them. Follow up on emails and responses, and make sure to acknowledge when you make mistakes, then fix them. No one expects perfection, but humility and a willingness to admit screw-ups goes a long way.

#4 Get On Social

If you are serious about growth, be sure to share links and encourage your readers to engage with you on social media. Twitter and are my favorites currently as developer-related social platforms.

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Twitter Follow

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#5 Blog About New Stuff

Whenever you google a question, and you don't find a satisfactory answer within the first few pages, that is probably something great to write about! Once you find the answer, make a note to yourself to circle back and post about it.

If there are already 50,000 posts about "Hello World" In React Native, not many people will care about your 50,001st post.

Thanks For Reading

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Pol Monroig Company

I really like every tip! Good job