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Create service app in azure

Azure: web app Is a platform as a service solution. It has deployment slots, authentication, scaling, traffic balance …

  • Possible of use an external authentication provider
  • Create a resource group - While create a new web app. You should know the difference between the windows plan, depends on the scale instance (App service plan)
  • Tags should be useful
  • You can create a slot as a staging for your web application at the same time with app Service plan
  • Session help you to get traffic from the same machine (ARR affinity) Configuration:
  • App settings can be found on azure which are loaded from appsettings.json (Configuration/Application Settings)
    • Default document (index.html etc…) Authentication: - You can use identity provided
  • Scopes: shared data like ID email or username Application Insights:
    • Identity, backup, custom domain, tls ssl settings - Web jobs help to run scripts as processor in the background - Dev tools Staging and production swap
  • you can specify the traffic % between prod and staging via a production instance of the web application - Through a request you can check if the staging is alive (Not in sleep mode). - Swapping does change the DNS address from staging to prod (make sure if application settings is correct)

Auto Scaling: (based on metric)

  • you can scale up or down your instances depending on the traffic - Auto scale with custom autoscale where you can specify by metrics or specific instance count. Also Adding scaling condition, scale rule
    • Cooldown period is to wait before restarting all the instance


  • Payment is for the instance and not per number of application, sharing the same computed resources and not the physical resources.
    • For example you can run 4 application on 3 different instances that shares the same resources.

Service plan:

  • provides a paid services if consume single or multiple instances (instances is what you are paying for). Defines what machine you want to use. - slots have no cost because they run on the same instance

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