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How To Create WordPress Website Offline?

Are you just starting with WordPress? No money to buy a hosting for you website. Why not create WordPress website offline.

You can also create WordPress website offline for testing purposes. It helps developers to build your own plugins.

How to Create WordPress website offline?

There are actually two methods to create your WordPress website offline.

Method 1: Install with Local by Flywheel

In first method we need to use Local by Flywheel to create WordPress website offline.

Building WordPress site with Local by Flywheel is very simple. You just need to enter simple details and your WordPress website will be ready within seconds. You will also get a ngrok link.

Method 2: Using XAMPP Local Server

Step 1: Download XAMPP from apachefriends website

Step 2: Install XAMPP on your computer

Step 3: Download WordPress latest package

Step 4: Extract in htdocs folder

Step 5: Start MYSQL from XAMPP

Step 6: Create a database

Step 7: Install WordPress by entering database details

Done! Thanks for reading. If you need any help related to WordPress, message me on Twitter

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farstud • Edited on

Wow, thank you very much for the excellent instructions, in which everything is easy and understandable, especially for a person with little knowledge like me. I suffered from the second method for a long time, so it didn't suit me. And the first method seemed much more convenient and more accessible for me, besides there is a lot of information about it on the Internet. I have already created my website using the first method, and now I will connect plugins. I found WordPress theme development services, and I think that I will be able to do everything much better than I expected. Thanks for the advice and the help. I think that many will appreciate this work! Good luck!

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Sax gross

The second method is not quite clear to me :(