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Summary of re:Invent 2022 releases - Day 11/28

Below are all the links to features or new services that came out on 11/28. I highlight the launches on Monday Night Live with Peter deSantis, where we had Nitro v5 and Graviton 3E, new instances, EBS with lower latency, ENA Express and AWS Lambda Snapstart. Links below! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter!!

Amazon VPC Reachability Analyzer now supports network reachability analysis across accounts in an AWS Organization

AWS Glue introduces custom visual transforms 

Amazon Redshift extends SQL capabilities to simplify and speed up data warehouse migrations (preview) 

AWS announces Amazon Verified Permissions (Preview) 

New Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points failover controls enable active-passive configurations and customer-initiated failovers 

Announcing comprehensive controls management with AWS Control Tower (Preview) 

Amazon Macie introduces automated sensitive data discovery 

AWS Marketplace for containers now supports direct deployment to EKS clusters 

Introducing account customization within AWS Control Tower 

Announcing the availability of Microsoft Office Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) on Amazon EC2 with AWS provided licenses 

Amazon Redshift announces integration with Informatica Data Loader tool to accelerate data uploads at no cost 

Announcing Amazon Braket Algorithm Library where you can now access pre-built quantum algorithms 

AWS Network Manager introduces real-time performance monitoring for the AWS Global Network 

Introducing Amazon EC2 R7iz instances 

AWS Config rules now support proactive compliance 

Introducing AWS Glue 4.0 

Announcing the general availability of AWS Wickr 

AWS Glue for Apache Spark Native support for Data Lake Frameworks (Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, Delta Lake) 

AWS CloudTrail Lake now supports configuration items from AWS Config 

Classifying and Extracting Mortgage Loan Data with Amazon Textract 

*Amazon CodeWhisperer adds Enterprise administrative controls, simple sign-up, and support for new languages * 

New – Amazon ECS Service Connect Enabling Easy Communication Between Microservices 

New – AWS Marketplace for Containers Now Supports Direct Deployment to Amazon EKS Clusters 

New – Amazon RDS Optimized Reads and Optimized Writes 

New – Fully Managed Blue/Green Deployments in Amazon Aurora and Amazon RDS 

Protect Sensitive Data with Amazon CloudWatch Logs 

New – Amazon CloudWatch Cross-Account Observability 

Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor Preview – End-to-End Visibility into Internet Performance for your Applications 

New – A Fully Managed Schema Conversion in AWS Database Migration Service 

AWS Application Migration Service Major Updates – New Migration Servers Grouping, Updated Launch, and Post-Launch Template 

Automated Data Discovery for Amazon Macie 

New – Announcing Amazon EFS Elastic Throughput 

New for AWS Backup – Protect and Restore Your CloudFormation Stacks 

New – Amazon Redshift Support in AWS Backup 

Automated in-AWS Failback for AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery 

*Announcing AWS Glue for Ray (Preview) * 

New for Amazon Transcribe – Real-Time Analytics During Live Calls 

*AWS announces lower latencies for Amazon Elastic File System * 

Expanded API capabilities now generally available for Amazon QuickSight

AWS announces Amazon Inspector support for AWS Lambda functions

AWS Compute Optimizer now supports external metrics from observability partners

Elastic Load Balancing capabilities for application availability

Announcing preview for Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller zonal shift

Announcing the general availability of AWS Local Zones in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Muscat.

Announcing a new generation of Amazon FSx for OpenZFS file systems

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP doubles the maximum throughput capacity and SSD IOPS per file system

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP simplifies access to Multi-AZ file systems from on-premises and peered networks

AWS Nitro Enclaves now supports Amazon EKS and Kubernetes

New Amazon EC2 Instance Types In the Works – C7gn, R7iz, and Hpc7g

New General Purpose, Compute Optimized, and Memory-Optimized Amazon EC2 Instances with Higher Packet-Processing Performance

New – ENA Express: Improved Network Latency and Per-Flow Performance on EC2

New Amazon QuickSight API Capabilities to Accelerate Your BI Transformation

New — Create and Share Operational Reports at Scale with Amazon QuickSight Paginated Reports

Amazon Inspector Now Scans AWS Lambda Functions for Vulnerabilities

New – Accelerate Your Lambda Functions with Lambda SnapStart

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