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✨HackGT 8: Discover Your Craft ✨

HexLabs is back and better than ever with ✨ HackGT 8: Discover Your Craft ✨! This hybrid, 36-hour hackathon will be taking place from October 22nd - 24th ⏳. Come collaborate with hundreds of talented hackers from across the world 🗺, explore new avenues 🚘, and strengthen your hacking skills 💪🛠!

HackGT 8 will be a hybrid hackathon this year! We will be welcoming Georgia Tech students to the Klaus Advanced Computing Building on Georgia Tech's campus. 🐝 All other students can attend virtually! 👨‍💻 HexLabs' first-ever hybrid event will redefine the hacker experience by bringing you the best of both worlds. 🌎 Not only will they be supplying engaging workshops, insightful mentors, and captivating tech talks, but they will also have built-in, cross-platform interactions to bridge 🌉 the virtual and in-person experiences.

HackGT 8 will have two tracks 🛠: General and Emerging — we'd love for you to join them regardless of whether it's your first hackathon or your tenth! They will also have an open-source prize 🏅 this year!

Register at by September 3rd. Check out for more information on teams, tracks, swag, prizes, projects, puzzles 👀, and FAQs. If you have any questions, please email them at 📧.

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