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My 2023 Coding Recap

So this is a recap of what I did in coding throughout 2023

  • Started learning Next.js
  • Followed the Next.js tutorial to make a blogging website
  • Remade my portfolio with Next.js
  • Started learning TypeScript, did TypeScript challenges on Exercism
  • Made a Fictional Web Shop in Flask
  • Made a login and signup template in Next.js, involving cookies and mongodb
  • From January to April I made Discipulis, first in Flask and then in Next.js
  • I made my first React Native app
  • Made Global CSS Art
  • I made a GitHub Actions with MongoDB template for the GitHub + DEV Hackathon, which won Runners Up
  • I made a GuestBook
  • I started learning Svelte
  • Made a simple timetable game in Svelte
  • Made a TodoList with Next.js
  • Made a template where you can make animations, each slide is purely CSS
  • Made a template for hosting games with in Express.js
  • I made a template for a chat app with in Express.js
  • Made a GitHub repo with Actions that writes a joke everyday
  • Created a melody maker for a hackathon
  • Made a smile counter using just HTML, CSS, JS
  • Remade What If with Next.js
  • Learnt Three.js
  • Built Escape Breakout, a virtual escape room, for build space n&w s4
  • Made FocusSync with Next.js
  • Made ToneTrail with Next.js, VexFlow
  • Started experimenting with the Spotify API and made a cool dashboard for viewing my Spotify Stats

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kaamkiya profile image

Seems like you accomplished a lot this year. Congrats and happy New Year!

vulcanwm profile image

thanks, you too!