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Global CSS Art: Community

I'm creating a project called Global CSS Art where people can share their CSS Art and others can view it, see the source code, and learn from it.

The whole project will be open source and it will run if people keep on sharing their CSS Art.
The way it'll work is that there the GitHub repo will contain a folder called /art. This folder will have subdirectories with a user's username and within that subdirectory will be all the user's CSS art, in the format of HTML files with <style> tags.
People will then be able to add their own CSS art within their unique folders in the /art directory and make pull requests in the GitHub repo.
All the artwork will be randomly selected on each page load and will be shown on the main page.

I need really big help!
For me to create and then test out the project, I need some CSS art from different users on the GitHub repo.
It would be really nice to have cool artwork on the website.

To contribute and see your artwork on the home page (with your username and portfolio for people to see), add a html file to the directory: /art/[username]
(Make sure your CSS code only affects the div the art is in, and not the whole page)
and create a pull request on this GitHub repository:

Thanks for reading and I hope you contribute!

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Nicolás Danelón

make it awesome.. like awesome-css-art or something like that

vulcanwm profile image

that's a really good idea! i'll do that, thanks!