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5+ Free Vuetify Templates for your Web App 2022

Thinking of creating your next web app which provides the best user experience? If yes, then Vuetify must be your go-to framework. It is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks right now compared to its competitors in the market. The reason is the huge number of benefits like easy integration and material design you get when you want to create a web app. In this article, we are going to see more than five Vuetify Templates for your web app.

It offers a wide range of UI components to enhance the look and feel of your project and has amazing documentation. Probably the most irritating thing for you as a developer would be manual Treeshaking. However, the Vuetify Template support automatic Treeshaking.

Some of the benefits of using Vuetify would include:

  • Compatibility with all browsers.
  • Continuous updates.
  • Amazing components collection.
  • Easy Integration & Responsiveness
  • Automatic Tree shaking

So, now that you know why Veutify templates are the most popular and best option for creating web apps. We've listed Free Vuetify Templates for you.

  1. Material Pro Vuetify Admin Lite
  2. Vue Admin Free Vuetify Template
  3. Vue Material Admin Dashboard Template
  4. Admin One Free Vuetify Template
  5. Vuestic Admin Template

Material Pro Vuetify Admin Lite

The best free Vuetify template available right now is Material Pro Admin Lite. This dashboard template is based on the Vuetify Js framework and offers high customization. It has more than 10 very interactive pre-built page templates and UI components that you can use for your next project. 

The free version of this Material Pro Admin Lite template also has 4 integrated plugins with a few ready-to-use widgets. You will also get a couple of chart options and 6 months of free updates. So, get this amazing free Vuetify template right now and design an eye-catching application.



Vue Admin Free Vuetify Template

Next on our list of free Vuetify templates is the Vue Admin template which has a very modern style of components. This template is very user-friendly and can be used to create a very classy admin dashboard for your web app. Vue Admin template is fully functional and possesses all the necessary features you need to get started. 

Just like Material Pro this template also offers some free widgets and has very good options of charts that you can select from. Since it is an open-source template, so you'd see more and more improvements in its updates.



Vue Material Admin Dashboard Template

Now we have the Vue Material Admin template which has a very simple and sleek design for the dashboard. Just like the other free Vuetify templates it also has the basic features to use in your next project. However, one thing unique in this template is the built-in language setting. It currently has two language settings that you can choose.

Some of its fundamental elements include widgets, charts, chat, and calendar apps. So, this is another option that you can keep in your priorities. Start working on your next web app by customizing this template.



Admin One Free Vuetify Template

The next free Vuetify template on our list is Admin One. It comes in two modes, dark mode, and light mode. Using this you can change the aesthetic of your admin dashboard easily. This free Vuetify template has a very simple yet attractive design due to the components used along with animation effects and icons.

This theme also incorporates all the basic features like graphs, charts, and tables. However, it also has a hidden side menu that can be used when accessing smaller devices.



Vuestic Admin Template

Another amazing admin template we have is Vuestic. It has a very responsive template with a modern design and looks. Vuestic comes with eighteen prebuilt pages and more than 36 elements that you can use. You can customize your dashboard the way you like as it also has a collection of wonderful progress bars as well.

 It also offers a simple input editor feature that can be used just like any other text-based editor for publishing your content directly. You'll have all the basic editing options to format your content. When you get this template, you'd know that this has a lot more to offer.



Best Paid Vuetify Template

If you have a budget to buy a premium Vuetify template, then you must. This is because it offers a lot more features than you can think of. So, see our top pick for paid Vuetify template. 

Flexy Vuetify Vue3 Dashboard

This premium Flexy Vuetify template gives you 6 beautiful application designs which are easy to use. It has more than 100-page templates and more than 6 color skins as well. It has so many features that it'll require a whole new article to mention everything.

However, we can't miss mentioning 50+ UI components, more than 3 unique dashboards, and more than 3000 font icons. So, if you want to invest in your new project then do it by buying this amazing Flexy Vuetify Vue3 dashboard template and this will be worth it.




We hope our list was clear enough for you to decide which Free Template you should opt for while creating your next web app. We'd suggest you get the Flexy Vuetify Vue3 Dashboard template if you have a budget otherwise go for Material Pro Vuetify Admin Lite template.

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