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Blog App using AWS Amplify, Angular

This is a submission for the The AWS Amplify Fullstack TypeScript Challenge

What I Built

I built a Blog Application using AWS Amplify and Angular where we can create a Blog by providing Title and description, list all the blogs and read a specific Blog.

Demo and Code

App URL:

[1] Create Blog Button provides the user with a text editor to start working on the blog.
Image description
[2] Used the ngx-editor to build the text editor and provided a scroll to add content of any size.
Image description
[3] Have a publish option to create the Blog and show it under the list of Blogs
Image description
[4] List of Blogs
Image description
[5] Read more option on the list will take us to the individual Blog.
Image description
[6]Utilized Sign out and Sign In and Create Account features provided by Amplify
Image description


  • I have create a model called Blog that has title and description. To save it to a personal cloud sandbox, I ran the npx ampx sandbox to get amplify_outputs.json file. This allowed me to make backend updates in a private cloud space.
  • I have used authentication module and @aws-amplify/ui-angular for building the Sign Up, Sign In, Create Account. Also tried out the customization available for the Authenticator.


  • Will add a cover image that will make use of the File Storage concepts in AWS Amplify.
  • Will add notifications to be sent over by using serverless functions.
  • Will add draft versions and make sure only the loggedin users can see the drafts of their own.

Thank you for interesting challenges :) I knew about the challenge really late and was not able to finish what I had in mind. But something is better than nothing and hence my submission. Challenges like these are a great opportunity to explore new technologies. Excited for more challenges in future.

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Sooraj (PS)

Amazing work!

vksreekeerthi profile image

Great work. good learning experience