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On How to quit Vim

Oh no, not that kind quitting, Stack Overflow has help with that.

It's time to move on to NeoVim. I myself has procrastinated on moving for so long because of my habit of typing vi file.txt.

Let's make it happens. Here an snippet to get it going.

# How to quit vim?
export EDITOR='nvim'
alias v='nvim'
alias vi='nvim'
alias vim='nvim'

What's your opinions? Leave or stay?

Discussion (2)

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I remember reading about on neovim, and it was mainly to see some better plugin dev tools. What things people do with vimscripts is amazing but I'd love to have more native support for py and ruby.

The API supported plugins is really nice idea.

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A simple nnoremap?

nnoremap <leader>q :q<CR>
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