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VSCode No Reload Extension Install in Version 1.31

Ahmad Awais ⚡️
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Originally published at Updated on ・2 min read

VSCode v1.31 just released has an amazing new feature. Now you can install Visual Studio Code Extensions without having to reload your VSCode instance. This has been the most requested feature of VSCode. Reload is also not needed when you uninstall or disable an extension if it is not activated.

📺 Watch a more detailed version on YouTube →

Video Transcript

🎸 (MUSIC PLAYING) Howdy-do, folks — This is Ahmad Awais! 👋 Back with another #OneDevMinute Guess what just happened? About 10.5 minutes ago the Visual Studio Code team — has just released The January update, version 1.31 of VS Code And it contains an amazing feature. I think it has been the most most requested feature… Now you can install extensions & do NOT have to reload VS Code at all How awesome is that. Let's dive in and see how it actually works You see I have this .vue file! It does NOT have a syntax coloring right now. So, I am going to install this very popular extension called "Vetur" — As you can see this Vetur extension is actually being installed — and as soon as it was installed you can see the Syntax Highlighting is now here! 💯 No need to reload VS Code whatsoever! Now this is a new feature. And it is going to be — you know— rough around the edges — but it is just amazing. So, this is new. Go ahead to this link and take a look at all of these new features. Especially the "No Reload on Extension Install" and "Tree UI Improvements" — and if you're a VS Code Theme author you might want to add colors for listFiletWidget which enables you to explore this Tree View in a better way I have just pushed out a new update of 🦄 Shades of Purple theme so go ahead and install it. And if you want to learn about more Power User Workflows for VS Code — Go ahead and take a look at — It's my VSCode power user course which is helping Over 4,000 developers become master Visual Studio Code users! So check out my Power User Course! And I'll see you in the next one. Peace! ✌️

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Discussion (4)

tobiassn profile image
Tobias SN • Edited

I honestly never really cared that much. For me it’s just:

  1. Click the reload button.
  2. Wait at most 5 seconds with just the background color showing.

But knowing myself, I’ll probably never be able to come back.

alexandlazaris profile image
Alexander Lazaris

That's atually made say (actually internally) WOO!

I can mind the max 10second delay to reload the editor. However it's a nice addition among others nonetheless.

priteshusadadiya profile image
Pritesh Usadadiya

That's great news.

outluch profile image

When you use tmux connected to project root session as vscode terminal, you dont care. Google tmux vscode. I bet this article is on 1 page