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Discussion on: Programming Language Dictatorship

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Vladimir Sapronov Author

If only Python would have switch statement...

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you mean

def switch_demo(argument):
    switcher = {
        1: "January",
        2: "February",
        3: "March",
        4: "April",
        5: "May",
        6: "June",
        7: "July",
        8: "August",
        9: "September",
        10: "October",
        11: "November",
        12: "December"
    print switcher.get(argument, "Invalid month")
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Cliff • Edited on

This has always been a weird one for me. I get why maybe you wouldn't bother doing it up front, since you can just use if/else, but it's such a common pattern that pops up...

Definitely a good example of your point in Python, though to be fair until recently they always admitted it was a dictatorship. And I think most of us Pythonistas will readily admit that it's kind of a cult, but it's a nice cult to be in! 😁