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How to Make Huge Money with Mobile Apps In 2020

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Let’s start with statistics, World population has reached 7.7 billion and the number of smartphone users worldwide in Feb 2020 surpasses 3 billion and everyone knows that the numbers of smartphone users will grow by several hundred million in the next few years. Most of the smartphones are running on either iOS or Android OS. And do you know What is the primary reason that makes these OS so popular?

Their App Stores! You will find apps for almost every single task there. These apps are making life easier, with apps you can order food, grocery, medical, book flight/ rail ticket, gain knowledge, but let me tell you that you can make huge money with mobile apps. Just Develop a unique app and there are various methods to generate revenue using mobile apps, So, let me show you methods to generate good income with mobile Apps.
Not sure what to do with your app idea? Hire mobile app developers to get an app built for it.

Not sure what to do with your app idea? Hire mobile app developers to get an app built for it.

Make Huge Money with Mobile Apps

There are some trusted and well known methods to monetize your App and if everything goes right, these apps are capable of generating good revenue for you so without further ado, here are the methods which can be utilized to monetize your App and make money.

Ad Revenue

Whether it is a newspaper or a website, ad revenue is the best way for monetization. It is also a reason behind the cheap price of 20+ page papers. It is the best strategy to monetize apps too. As per report over 68% of app developers prefer advertising as their monetization strategy.If you are looking for a method for making huge money with a mobile app, then here’s how you can do this. First of all, make sure that your app is working properly, then apply for services like Google Adsense or Google AdMob, these are the biggest mobile advertising platforms, After getting approved and integrating your app with the platform.

After proper integration, these platforms will go through your content on your app to find out relevant ads and automatically place them on your app. Now, you will get some money with every click on these ads. More app downloads mean more visitors, more visitors means more clicks and more clicks means more revenue, So build a robust and unique app, engage people, and do some marketing, connect it with Ad platforms and make huge money with your app.

In-App purchases

In-App Purchase is different, In it a free app is offered and then some additional benefits are promoted to encourage users to spend money. For example, If you played some games, then you probably noticed that they offer extra life or powers at small cost, so the extra life, powers, better features and unlocking premium features are some of the easiest examples of In-App purchases you can find in apps.

You can utilize this method in your Mobile app, you also don’t have to depend on any third party to earn from your own app. The major benefit of this method is that you will be in control of everything. In-App purchases is a great way to make huge money, but to make money you have to create a robust feature rich app and you also have to take very clear and fail-proof decision.


You can offer your services on a Subscription plan basis, with this model users will pay you a fee on a monthly or yearly basis to use your app or access some features of your app. Many apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Linkedin, Skype, Medium or even some music streaming websites are generating huge money with this model.

There is one thing that you really need to care about in this model is that you have to keep users engaged by offering new content, services and more. Otherwise, if people get bored or they find a better option they will move on.

Data Monetization

There are various data-hungry companies and they pay great to share some non-sensitive data of users. They use these apps to show ads, sell or promote their products and services. They want to reach the right customers and they can use your app to get these. Yes, you will probably say that data privacy is important these days, but let me tell you that there is a lot of non-personal and non-sensitive anonymous data that apps can share with these companies. This data includes an operating system, device, version, region, screen size, and other such attributes. Normally companies reach an app which has more than 50,000 DAUs. So in this model, first of all you need an app, second you need lots of users and a database to earn a decent amount.

There are few more methods, but these are the most trusted and practical ones. Developing a fully-featured app is not an easy task and that’s why outsourcing the app development work will be a great decision and if you are looking for a reliable App development company who not only develop an app for you, but also help you to make money through it, SAG IPL will be the right choice. Meet our team of trained and creative maestros, who can not only develop iPhone applications, but also take care of the modern design standards to make it a success, as you have expected from the SAG IPL.

SAG IPL is the best and trustworthy app development company that has a name for developing innovative and future-ready apps for many years. So call us now, reflect your unique idea and let us convert it to an extraordinary app that will make huge money for you or your business.

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