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Cost of Political App Development for Android and iOS

Vikas Sharma
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Mobile apps have now become a kind of mandate for every industry. Whether you’re looking to sell anything or just want to increase your reach, mobile apps with their billions of potential users (smartphone users) make the best platform.

Even politicians and political parties now have their dedicated apps to reach and engage with their target audience, i.e. the public. Mobile apps for political parties can immensely help with tasks such as news & updates, announcements, volunteering, members management, scheduling, socialisation, and more. The use of mobile apps for election management and for the promotion of political campaigns is also now very common.

Almost all the leading politicians, such as Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Narendra Modi, etc. now have dedicated mobile apps for their political parties and campaigns.

If you’re a politician or political party looking to build a mobile app to extend the reach of your party or campaign, it might help to have a general idea of the cost of building such an app.

In this article, we will discuss the cost of political app development for both Android and iOS platforms based on a number of factors.

But before we start, let’s first discuss a few ways in which having a political app can benefit your political career and campaigns.

Why does your political party need a mobile app?

A simple analysis of the political industry can tell you many reasons why a mobile app can benefit you.

Spread awareness: Let more people know about your political concepts, ideas, values, beliefs and about the latest happenings and upcoming plans of your party. Let the followers remain updated and more people follow you.

Be transparent: Besides improving the positive image of your political party, an app can also help deal with the negative things by allowing you to keep the facts directly in front of your audiences.

Raise funds: During a campaign or any other emergency situation, when you need the help of your citizens in the financial form, your app will help you reach them and raise funds through in-app payments.

Connect with the public: There is no better way for a politician to build trust than to connect directly with the public and deliver honest answers to their queries. Your app lets you do that.

There are many other ways in which a dedicated app can help your political party and campaign not just during the election time but also in general, by allowing you to broadcast your message and ideas to the public and help them build trust.

Political Mobile App development: What do you need?

In order to build a feature-rich and comprehensive political mobile app, you will have to do in-depth research of the industry (to see what’s trending), target audience (to find out what the public wants) and your competitors (to know what they’re doing).

Based on the research data, you can develop a plan on how you want your politician app to look like, what features you want in it and how it will be developed.

Of course, you might need a hiring team of professional dedicated mobile app developers, designers, content developers, and more to get the app built. Even if you have the skills to build an app yourself, you may not be able to give your 100% for app development when you’re also working as a politician.

A better and more convenient option is to outsource a professional app development agency, preferably one with previous experience in political app development. This will save you a lot of time and ensure you get a wonderful app with all the features you want.

Features to have in your political mobile app

Before you can start building a political mobile app for your campaign, you must know about all the features that you want to or must include in the app.

Here are the most common and somewhat essential features to have in your political mobile application for Android and iOS.

  • User registration and login
  • User-friendly interface
  • Search
  • Blog
  • Category selection/ Navigation
  • News
  • Social sharing
  • Videos
  • Live chat or support
  • Help
  • Notifications
  • Analytics & reporting

Cost of Political Mobile App Development

The cost of building a political mobile app will depend on everything we have discussed above, including the type and location of the developer, number and type of features, scope, size, design requirements, etc.

Political App development cost based on Platform

You may either want a political mobile app for the Android platform or iOS platform or both, depending on where your target audience is found. If you are looking to reach a bigger audience with your political app, the Android platform is preferred, as it has more users.

The cost of building an iOS app is comparatively higher because of the specific App Store restrictions and security requirements

Cost based on App Type

Mobile apps can be of different types, but the two major types of mobile apps are - Native and Cross-platform (Hybrid) app.

A native app is built to work on a particular platform like Android or iOS. A cross-platform mobile app, on the other hand, can work on multiple platforms, including both Android and iOS.

The cost of building a hybrid app is usually higher than the cost of native app development. So, choose the best option after analysing your requirements.

Political App Development Cost based on Developer type

When looking to build a mobile app, you have various developer options such as freelance app developer, political app development agency and hiring an in-house app team.

The cost of the app will depend on the kind of developer you choose. A freelance app developer may be cheaper but they are not very reliable and trustworthy. Hiring a professional app development agency, on the other hand, can guarantee quality, reliability and on-time delivery.

Hiring and managing an in-house team is both costly and time-consuming.
Cost based on App Features & Functions

One of the significant factors contributing to the cost of your political mobile app is the number and type of features you want in the app.

What kind of UI/UX design you want, payment options, social media, etc. will determine the final app cost.

App Hosting & Maintenance Cost

Besides the regular app development cost, you may also have to pay separately for other costs like app hosting, a dedicated website, app maintenance and update, etc.

However, if you hire an mobile app development agency, they may offer a good deal on the complete app development & maintenance package.

Getting a dedicated mobile app would probably be the best thing you can do for your political party and career. Make sure to do extensive research, know your requirements and budget and hire a trustworthy partner/agency for political mobile app development.

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