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Suggestion for developing web pages with HTML

The process for designing a web page is much more complex than simply knowing and writing code in this language. Actually, many web developers write it without having yet understood its philosophy and its true utility in the web creation process.

Why do i say this? Well, when I started designing web pages and learning about this language, I did it indiscriminately, without respect. My only wish was to move quickly to CSS to make sense of everything I had created in HTML. As the years have passed, I have learned the importance of paying true attention to this language, because by doing so, I greatly shortened my development time.

I think if you are a beginner (or not) and you think it makes no sense to spend a lot of time taking care of your HTML code, you should continue reading this post. So, what should you consider in your next web project?

  • Use semantic tags correctly. Remember that HTML was created to describe the structure of the information of a web page (not the presentation). That is the true purpose of HTML.

  • Do not saturate the code with unnecessary divs. Before you start coding, preview your design using a sketch or wirefrime and visualize it as boxes, select the necessary containers for your design, you will see that they will not be as many as you imagine.

  • My advice is to always think of your code as reusable. For this case, the BEM methodology will be your ally and the one that will avoid thousands of problems with your CSS. Creating reusable components will make your life easier in your current project, and in future ones.

They are only recommendations for my colleagues and new members in the world of web development. And how I always say: Practice makes perfect.

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