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Discussion on: Is Ruby worth learning in 2019?

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Viktor Penkoff

Should you learn Ruby this year?

Since the question is related to Ruby, not RoR, my answer also relates to Ruby only.
So, should you learn ruby this year? Well, it depends. The language is just a tool. If you're beginner - yes, learn Ruby. It's a scripting language, it's expressive, easy to read, enjoyable to write, with rich standard library, it has very nice package manager, capable of doing most of the tasks.
If you're more senior - well, you need at least one scripting language anyway. So python, perl or ruby? Depends on the preferences that you have.
If we speak about a project - well, for MVP or prototyping, ruby is great. For more enterprise goals - again, it depends. Most of the time the prototypes are the ones that live in production systems anyway.

And to summarize: the language is a tool, give it a try, if you enjoy working with, there will always be a job for it. Don't think too much if it's worth learning or not. The experience that you'll get with it gonna pay afterwards in one way or another.