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Why Vim and Neovim communities need keep interacting?

After watching a great speech from Bram Moolenar entitled: "From hjkl to a platform for plugins" I realized that some of Moolenar's ideas could be completelly ignored on the Neovim community and at the same time some of Neovim new features and ideas could not be reaching the entire Vim community. I think both sides have to work with the cooperation spirit in mind.

Actually I don't know how much both communities have interacted lately, however I think some people could be more connected on one side and ignoring the other.

We have seen many Linux distros using ideas that were not origanally from their core. After git as a inovatory control version system, github, bitbucket and many other version control revolutionary platforms we have seen a huge improvement on how sofware is made. Neovim came up from this revolution, as Isaac Newton once sayd: " If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants!".

Instead of trying to describe what I have seen in the Moolenar's speech I leave it up to you guys, just set some time to watch the speech and spreed the word.

In my humble opinion this is an auspicious moment to the Vim and Neovim communities. The birth of neovim influenced the vim community and I hope that the Neovim community learns the lesson and keep an eye on the Vim communitie ideas. It will be great to see a positive dispute.

I hope this little text had called people's attention enough to how great both sofwares can be if their communities interact more instead of fighting each other and I know there are a lot of people in both sides who have this in mind. I just wish this become a common place.

The speech slides can be seen in this link

Neovim will bring us a lot of new features and if you wanna become informed just see:
the summer code 2019

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