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Keep two nvim setups easilly

Because I love my neovim setup...

Every day we see astonishing new nvim configurations, we clone them, we test them, but most of the time we miss our old settings.

Create a second nvim setup:

We are going to change just three files:

1 - zshevn (or any environment settings of your shell)
2 - zsh-aliases
3 - mynvim (a script you can name as you want and put in your path).

Your zshenv:

When you want to use your alternative neovim settings just change the line EDITOR

export MYNVIM=~/.dotfiles/bin/mynvim

if [[ $(awk -F'/' '{print $NF}' <<<$EDITOR) == "mynvim" ]]; then
    export MYVIMRC="~/.nvim/config/nvim/init.lua"
    export MYVIMRC="~/.config/nvim/init.lua"
    export GIT_EDITOR="/bin/nvim"
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Your zsh-aliases:

if [[ $(awk -F'/' '{print $NF}' <<<$EDITOR) == "mynvim" ]]; then
    alias ne="mynvim ~/.nvim/config/nvim/init.lua"
    alias lvim="mynvim -c':e#<1'"
    alias vim=~/.dotfiles/bin/mynvim
    alias nvim=~/.dotfiles/bin/mynvim
    alias ne="nvim ~/.config/nvim/init.lua"
    alias lvim="vim -c':e#<1'"
    alias vim="/bin/nvim"
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The alias ne is an alias to edit your init.lua, the lvim opens your last edited file.

Your mynvim script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# source:
# Last Change: Wed, 16 Nov 2022 - 09:10:18
# vim:ft=sh:
# tags: [nvim, distro]

export MYCFG="${HOME}/.nvim"

[[ ! -d $MYCFG/config/nvim ]] && mkdir -p $MYCFG/config/nvim

export MYVIMRC="${MYCFG}/config/nvim/init.lua"
export XDG_CONFIG_HOME="${MYCFG}/config"
export XDG_DATA_HOME="${MYCFG}/data"
export XDG_CACHE_HOME="${MYCFG}/data"
export XDG_STATE_HOME="${MYCFG}/data"
# this is for temporary files, so better to leave as is
#export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=...

nvim "$@"
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Using this settings I can clone anyone nvim config to "mynvim" folder and use without messing up with my default nvim settings. I can even create a second or third script using this idea. For now it works pretty well.

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Richard Guay

I have an easier way. I use LunarVim which creates it's own configuration with the command line name of 'lvim'. Then I have a normal Funnel powered config in the normal nvim config folder. Two different configs by accessing two different commandline names. The same can be done with others since you can give a new config location on the command line and alias it.

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Sérgio Araújo

Two problems: Lunarvim has a very tricky configuration and I want to use any nvim config, not just lunarvim.

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Richard Guay • Edited

But, you can do it like they do by making an alias (script in their case) that specifies a different config directory. Then you just have a different alias for each config of neovim you have. The Lunarvim command is:


export LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR="${LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR:-"/Users/raguay/.local/share/lunarvim"}"
export LUNARVIM_CONFIG_DIR="${LUNARVIM_CONFIG_DIR:-"/Users/raguay/.config/lvim"}"
export LUNARVIM_CACHE_DIR="${LUNARVIM_CACHE_DIR:-"/Users/raguay/.cache/lvim"}"

exec nvim -u "$LUNARVIM_RUNTIME_DIR/lvim/init.lua" "$@"
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Richard Guay • Edited

Then make use of the environment variables in the config. It's a little more work on the config, but it does get the end result you need.