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"Success is an entity that all human beings want and wish to achieve"

But why? Goodness and transcendence exist only in the reality of the moment, not in some uncertain future state of desire.

If we could abandon wishing we'd all live better lives. Maybe that is what success is?


Interesting πŸ€”Tell us more about your theory, please πŸ™ˆ


Some of the comments above have criticised your "life hacks", I can't do that. It's admirable to try and solve this puzzle

ok I'll try and explain what I am getting at

True "success" isn't an objective that is aimed for. I don't think it's a place one arrives at. It is a way of living, surely?

So part of being in this state is to stop looking ahead at the places you are not yet at and enjoy the moment of where you are now.

Beauty and everything of value is in this moment. So do be present. Do not be held hostage by the future

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot for your explanation! πŸ™

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