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Financing your open source project

Funding doesn’t mean your open source project is no longer pure. Financing means you want to take your project further.

The best form of financing for an open source project is a DAO. But ICO makes people feel that it is purely for making money. Therefore, most DAO tools are not suitable.

Here is a DAO tool built for developers: VORG.

VORG is a decentralized DAO registry based on Ethereum.

You can create your unique DAO on VORG and get an associated unique domain name. At the same time, you can raise funds as needed by increasing capital and expanding shares on VORG.

The trading of shares can be completed on VORG, and the currency medium of the transaction is Ether.

You can refer to VORG: Decentralized company and domain name registry to learn how to build a DAO, increase capital and shares, trade, and configure domain names.

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