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How To Post Articles on Using Ruby From The CLI


  • ruby -v ~< 2.50
  • json -> (gem install json)


Generate an API key
Goto: settings -> account -> DEV Community API Keys
Click Generate

Copy the <api_key> to your buffer

Add this line at the end of your ~/.bashrc file

export DEVTO_KEY="<paste_api_key_here>"

Copy this gist into /usr/local/bin/ as: publish

sudo cp publish /usr/local/bin/

Modify permissions: sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/publish

Do a test run: publish DEVTO_KEY

If it worked; Great! If it didn't, leave a comment where you got stuck.

NOTE: In order to make your post public; make sure to set published: true so that it shows on your dashboard. You can only add maximum of 4 tags when adding tags. Titles can not have special characters otherwise you will have formatting issues.

Here's the formatting I use:

  title: Hello World,
  published: true,
  tags: ["helloworld", "100daysofcode"]

  Your content goes here
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