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Vonage Dev Newsletter - January 2024: New user group, releases, and tutorials


🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉

We’re so excited to start 2024 with you in our community. We’re also looking forward to kicking a new year of releases — starting with our Client SDK Version 2.27 and Vonage Java SDK v8.0.0. And let’s not forget our new user group full of rewards … not to mention events around the world. It’s all here in the January newsletter. Enjoy!

The Vonage Developer Relations Team 💜


Your Vonage Viewpoint — NEW USER GROUP
Want to be rewarded for your insights? Then join Your Vonage Viewpoint Community and help refine developer products, services, and campaigns across Vonage Communications and Network APIs. You can even enjoy:

  • A private Slack Community channel
  • Quarterly rewards for your participation
  • The opportunity to shape Vonage products and roadmaps (including exclusive access)

Get started

Autumn 2023 Tied Up in a Bow
The end of 2023 was a whirlwind of hard work and dedication that brought new tools and improvements for your development journey. Time to uncover the Q4 highlights with this recap by Diana Pham.

Vonage Welcomes Twilio Programmable Video Customers
Are you looking for a programmable video solution? Michael Crump helps with a deep-dive into the most mature and versatile programmable video solution in the industry: Vonage Video API.

Announcing Vonage Video Client SDK Version 2.27
Vonage empowers businesses with cutting-edge communications solutions. So it’s no surprise that our latest enhancements elevate user experience and deliver top-notch video communications tools. Jon Montana shares details of our Vonage Video Client SDK v2.27.

Announcing Vonage Java SDK v8.0.0
We’ve got over 17K lines of code changes that focus on internal improvements and crucial updates. Now that’s what we call a major version. Sina Madani explains what's new.


Getting Started With Fraud Detection
Say hello to Vonage Fraud Defender: Your go-to tool for developer-friendly fraud detection and prevention. Now you can add real-time monitoring and customizable rules — with seamless integration into existing systems — all without extra charges. Diana Pham explains how to use Vonage Fraud Defender through the user interface.

Send, Receive, and Handle SMS Delivery Receipts With Next.js and Vonage
Vonage SMS API is your must-have to send and receive text messages worldwide using REST APIs. Emre Coban covers SMS handling and delivery receipts in Next.js, a React framework for full-stack web apps.

Phone Numbers in Rails With Normalizes and Generated Columns
Phone numbers come in all shapes and sizes. That’s great for customers and frustrating for developers. But Karl Lingiah easily solves the challenges with modern Ruby on Rails.

Send Greek Unicode Viber Messages With Symfony
Did you know that official Greek government messages are sent via Viber? So start chatting with Viber support in Vonage Messages API. Jim Seconde guides you with sending Unicode messages to Viber devices using PHP.

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Developer Week (San Francisco, February 21 to 23)
Meet us at the world's largest developer and engineering conference and expo. Stop by Vonage booth 410/412 to chat with our developer advocates, learn more about our products, and score some swag.

Hack This Fall (Gandhinagar, India, February 9 to 11)
Get ready for a 36-hour beginner-friendly hackathon that fosters collaboration and innovation to tackle societal challenges. And don't miss the "Vonage Amazing Race Game" mini-event — where teams compete to finish tasks in a single-file line. Bring your speed and strategy for the win.

Jfokus (Stockholm, February 5 to 7)
Join the Vonage team for all things developers. We’re talking Java SE, Java EE, Android and mobile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps, Internet of Things, cloud and big data, trends, Scala, Clojure, and so much more. Be sure to attend the talk by Vonage software architect, Yonatan Kra: Gaming optimization design patterns you should apply to your web app.

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