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Post-hackathon: The E-learning App Built With Video API


In our previous post about Vonage Joins Code Chrysalis API Hackathon, we saw how Team Subarashi built an application called CollabSpace using Vonage Video API. CollabSpace makes online team collaboration more interactive and simple, connecting with others and editing documents in real-time. That was all, right? Of course not.

Within a few weeks following the hackathon, this group of Bootcamp students used the Video API to build another innovative project, an e-learning web application called Senpai, for their Bootcamp Demo Day. In Japanese, the word Senpai refers to a teacher or master.

What Did They Build?


Senpai is an e-learning web application that connects programming mentors and mentees. The website allows users interested in learning programming skills to find experienced front-end developers for one-on-one tutoring. It could also provide tutors with an opportunity to earn money as freelancers.

Built with:

You can check out their Application and see their code on GitHub. You can also view their demo and presentation.

Find a Senpai

What Makes It So Special?

The idea behind Senpai was to create a platform for programmers to provide one-on-one tutorial services for people wanting to learn frontend technologies. The app was designed so that users would not have to constantly switch between multiple apps throughout the process, including those for scheduling, video chat, and screen sharing.


I thought their project was a brilliant idea! I was impressed by what they have created using the Video API. Within a short time, they mastered the API and came up with a solution that streamlined the process of scheduling appointments, connecting people through video chat, screen sharing, and collaborating with one another all in one place. I can almost see how it can also be used in virtual classrooms or tuition centers, and for distance learning in international schools.

Want To Know More?

You can learn more about our Video API and how the video platform works. Now it is your turn to get started building a project, or to try out the Video Express to create a multiparty video conferencing web application, without video expertise.

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