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Stop mixing Science and Politics

That's it. No fancy content. Just stop. You're neither activists, nor scientists, nor humanists. You just flail your personal agenda around everywhere, especially where it has no place to be.

Strive for objectivity, leave your personal likings to the side. Science is meant to make the world an objectively better place by understanding how it works; it's not about pushing one's ideology onto the world.

You're not the source of absolute truth, I'm not the source of absolute truth: we're not the source of absolute truth.

Stop skipping steps thinking you've figured everything out, and reevaluate everything. Every bit of certainty is to be challenged, for it may be only temporary.

EDIT: Mixing Science and Politics is probably what makes corrupt scientist exist. You obey the laws that are to be obeyed because you're a citizen, but you cannot let yourself be bought by ideologies or material wealth.

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