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My Soapbox About Resource-Hungry Chrome

volomike profile image Mike Ross πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ・1 min read

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I don't need to speak too much on this, actually. It's just that no one speaks about this. I keep hearing, "Gaah, don't use Chrome now. It is resource hungry. It drains your battery! Use a Chromium-fork, Firefox, or Safari." Okay, geniuses, let's build 2 apps. Let's make app A use less CPU and less RAM. Let's make app B use more CPU and more RAM. Guess which one will run faster? Nine times out of 10, app B will run faster. Now, what do people want MOST out of their browser? Faster page load times. So, sure, go ahead and switch your browser to one that dedicates less resources. Not me. I'll stick with one that makes my web pages load faster -- Chrome and Chromium.

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