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Volker Schukai
Volker Schukai

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Vim 9 Has Come To Stay?

Vim 9 is here and seems to bring a much newer approach to writing scripts.

Whether this is better remains to be seen. In any case, they seem to have learned from the "Python 2 disaster".

"No drama like with the deprecation of Python 2."

Has anyone looked at the features yet?
What is your opinion?

This seems to be the most important message:

"For those with a large collection of legacy scripts: Not to worry! They will keep working as before"

But I still have one question? If you wanted to make everything better, why didn't you take something existing, like LUA, Starlark or even Javascript for all I care (and I'm not a fan of the language)


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Sure! It's an awesome improvement. I love the new syntax for scripts (the new comments are pure gold).
I'm hoping to see it in neovim also.

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Volker Schukai Author

thanks for the feedback
I am curious how this will develop.