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On typical naming anti-pattern in Java

voins profile image Alexey Voinov ・1 min read

I think one word summarises it all: OneEyedOneHornedFlyinPurplePeopleEater. Every time I see a typical javish 40+ character class name often composed of several short sentences, I remember this song and silently sing it a little bit. I think I'll give it a try to sing it aloud for a change. :)

Anyway, I believe it is a great name for this anti-pattern. Opinions?


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class PeopleEater implements HasEyes, HasHorns, CanFly, HasColor {

Interfaces: not just for polymorphism.

A related beast is the method name that references it's parameters and/or class.

class Foo
// Why do this...
public void addBarToFoo(Bar bar);
// ...Instead of this?
public void add(Bar bar);

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