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On HackerX/Brno event

voins profile image Alexey Voinov ・2 min read

I had quite an interesting experience yesterday. I've attended HackerX event. It's kind of speed dating between companies and potential employees. Totally worth attending even if you're not looking for a new job. (And not only because of free food. :) ).

The main point for me was, that I found out, that I have a unique proposition for any potential employer: I'm not afraid of working with legacy code, I know how to work with it, and I actually love working with it. Almost everyone I met yesterday had some project that requires someone like me, and they're unable to find such person.

I guess it is possibly true for everyone attending. Even without previous experience, and without any kind of preparation, you still can "extract" the essence of yourself during those 5 minute interviews. When all you've got is those 5 minutes, you tend to concentrate. And then those 5 minutes are repeated many times, and you are trying to say something relevant about yourself, and those guys on the other side of the table keep asking questions important to them, and it starts to look very much like some iterative process, and during those iterations you're getting closer and closer to understanding what's so good about you, what others see in you and what you can offer to the world. That's a really cool feeling. I wish there was more companies, but I got the idea even with those we had present.

It's a pity, I cannot legally change my employer right now... :)


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