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On code::dive 2019

voins profile image Alexey Voinov ・1 min read

Amazing crowd. I haven't seen so many geeks at one place for a very long time. I was actually surprised with the quality of questions. Many of them were very deep.

Amazing speakers. I must admit, that watching videos of cool conference talks and actually being there is not the same at all. I almost forgot how it really feels.

Amazing city. Wroclaw is very cozy. I know nothing about the feelings of the people who lives there, but from my touristic point of view it is very close to perfect. (And looking fir little dwarves, scattered everywhere is really fun.)

I'm very happy, that my return to conference life started there. Even though I've been merely an attendee this time. I would certainly recommend this conference to everyone who's interested in C++ and everything related.

If you have no idea what I'm writing about, go there:, read and find some videos.


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