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re: I wouldn't get too dogmatic about it though. Extracting stuff to functions doesn't always improve the readability. As a rule of thumb, I find that ...

Yeah, you don't have to declare variables at the top of the block even in C, as was mentioned in another comment. And C99 is almost 20 years old now. :) And no, I never claimed, that it should always result in better code. That's way I always use a lot of 'maybe' or 'most probably'. It always leaves the space to back out. :)

But, that piece of code is a good challenge. I've just realized, that I never actually thought how should clean code look like in C. It's a good challenge, actually. I like it. I think I'll take a few days to think it over and then show my version of it (or admit, that it was impossible to write) :)

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