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Khoa Che
Khoa Che

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JS Game engine to create simple puzzle game?

Greeting everybody, I'm a full-stack web dev with a very little exposure to game development at all. (I've tried to hack an HTML canvas game before, thanks to that I knew what a particle system is.)

Now I need to create some puzzle game quickly. They require dragging puzzle pieces around, which is an advanced topic for me.

Can you recommend any game engine dedicated to puzzle game with a simple API?

Thanks in advance!

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Osman Zeki

Hey! I made a few games with Phaser in the past. Its such a fun, light-weight open source engine and has all kinds of built-in features for visuals, input (including touch and drag), audio, etc. You should give it a try.

Good luck with your project!

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Khoa Che

Thank you! I will try it!